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Dynamic Detailing
Dynamic Detailing

872 Pennsy Rd.
Willow Street PA, 17584

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Josh Weaver is a "gearhead" with an uncommon interest: cleaning and polishing cars. When he bought his first car, he spent 100s of hours on the Internet studying the specifics of reconditioning every component: headliner, seats, dash, console, carpet, muffler tips, headlights and taillights, wheels, engine, door jambs, chrome, plastic trim, glass, and of course...paint. He eagerly applied everything he learned on his car and the cars of his friends and family. Not long after, his interest in car detailing evolved into a business serving the residents of Lancaster County, PA. Josh is an experienced detailer who approaches car detailing as a craft. He takes particular pleasure in transforming swirled, oxidized, and scratched paint into better-than-new condition, also researching different methods of eco friendly and less water washing techniques.

Why hire Dynamic?

1. Professionalism. Dynamic is a one man company. Every task--from booking the job, to identifying your needs, to performing the job correctly and on time--is done only by Josh. It's his company and his reputation on the line. No one provides professional service like the owner himself. Josh works with his clients to ensure every detail gets done to meet the ever changing expectaions of each individual customer. Also every customer gets a specialized maintenance plan designed specifically for there vehicle available to them. Which may include giving advice such as techniques or products to help the customer be able to maintain the vehicle themselves.

2. Quality products and equipment. Dynamic uses a foam cannon to presoak its customers cars. It ensures the paint does not get scratched or swirled further (improper car washing is the #1 cause of paint damage). Also, Josh specializes in using eco freindly and water conservation(less water washing) techniques and equipment. As always Josh's top priority is the quality of its finished work.

3. Attention to detail. Ironically, the number one complaint about car detail services is that they miss small details (streak free windows, clean pedals, clean turn signals, no wax in exterior trim). Josh uses a checklist that ensures every detail on every car is attended to...every time.